Network Security

Unified Security for Protection at Scale

Preventing, identifying, and remediating modern cyberattacks demand a unified security solution that delivers complete and consistent protection across all of your locations.

Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

Network, Connectivity, and Endpoint Security by VikingCloud

In today’s hyper-connected business environment, every new digital asset connected to a business’ network is a potential point of failure and cybersecurity risk. These are risks for which most businesses are unprepared.

That’s why tens of thousands of businesses partner with VikingCloud’s expert advisors to create a consolidated network blueprint—for headquarters and remote locations—standardized across their operations, including:

Outsourced management of firewalls.
Built-in redundant Internet connectivity with broadband and cellular Internet backups.
Comprehensive security solutions, from the cloud to the endpoint.
Network Security

Challenges with DIY cybersecurity

Here is the typical range of challenges faced by businesses that choose to own, manage, and maintain security systems in-house:

Multiple Vendors; Multiple Tools

Operational Complexity

Higher Costs

No Visibility or Insight Across Programs

VikingCloud designs and delivers complete network protection at scale

Our clients benefit from enterprise-grade cybersecurity defense and advanced threat intelligence expertise to monitor, assess, mitigate, and predict cybersecurity risks.

Our unified, consistent, and proven network design and tools connect you to your customers – while reinforcing your security status and facilitating your compliance reporting and attestation.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Defenses

Peace of mind powered by VikingCloud

VikingCloud gives you confidence in your network security so you can focus on running your business with the following:

Uninterrupted Connectivity

VikingCloud offers a fully managed tech stack of broadband internet, backup cellular internet failover, business and guest WiFi, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone, and more.

Secure Standardized Network

VikingCloud works with you to create the ideal blueprint for your network security configuration or software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) that will scale, evolve with your business, and ensure consistency across all your business locations.

Cutting-Edge Security

When you partner with VikingCloud, you gain access to a world-class, Next Gen Firewall, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), Intrusion Detection and Prevent Systems (IDS/IPS), Endpoint Agent, and other enterprise security technologies to protect your business.

Real-time Network Intelligence

VikingCloud’s Asgard Platform™ provides real-time security and compliance status of every location and simplifies your compliance workflow.

Data Security & Compliance

VikingCloud's perimeter and log management, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and continuous monitoring helps you maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

Check out all the ways VikingCloud has your network security services covered.

Network Security services are bundled as part of the Managed Security Service (MSS) unified security solution for cybersecurity and compliance protection, all from a single provider.

The Asgard Platform™

The Asgard Platform: A purpose built, cloud-based solutions platform, powered by our patented technology, that streamlines continuous and predictive cybersecurity and compliance protection for your network.

Imagine all the data, alerts, and tools for complete network security management - all in one user-friendly platform.

That’s the VikingCloud Asgard Platform - your one source for real-time event-based alerts, interactive dashboards for critical threat management, continuous monitoring, identification and tracking of your online assets, insights into internet continuity and failover capability - plus compliance management.

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of companies discovered the data breach through their own security teams, highlighting a need for better threat detection.


of breaches were reported by a benign third party or by the attackers themselves.

$1 Million

is the extra cost a business pays when hackers disclose a breach vs. when they discover it themselves.


Your One-Stop-Hub for
Cybersecurity and Compliance Protection

Clients interested in Network Security also benefit from layering Endpoint Security as part of a defense in depth strategy. See how our Endpoint Security provides security and logging functionality for a business looking to boost its security posture and comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Check out our MSS Bundles for all your Connectivity, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Data Security, and Compliance needs.

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