Predict-to-Prevent Platform for Cybersecurity and Compliance

VikingCloud’s exclusive Asgard Platform™, powered by patented technology, is our customers’ one-stop hub for all solutions that help stop threats before they stop business.

The Asgard Platform includes the industry’s largest AI-powered database of anonymized cybersecurity and compliance event data – empowering organizations to make informed, predictive, and cost-effective risk mitigation decisions - faster.

faster risk mitigation decisions

The Asgard Platform enables organizations to make informed, predictive, and cost-effective risk mitigation decisions faster – utilizing anonymized cybersecurity and compliance event data from:

6+ Billion

online events continuously monitored, anonymized, & analyzed every day.

4+ Million

business users.

33+ Billion

client cybersecurity events stopped every month.

The Asgard Platform™

Take a look at everything your organization can do in the Asgard Platform.


  • Real-time status of your firewalls.
  • Find a history of state changes over time.
  • Easily drill into details and logs.
  • Search, isolate, and investigate logs generated by all firewall locations.
  • Observe the device overview with automatic asset discovery.
  • Analyze threats over time, by severity and priority.
  • One click install of the VikingCloud Endpoint Security agent.
  • Get alerts on unauthorized, unexpected, or suspicious changes to files.
  • Evaluate Windows logs and respond to irregularities or security events.
  • See all locations with broadband Internet.
  • View overall and site-specific data allowance and data usage.
  • Internet outage alerts and tracking.
  • View cellular internet continuity and failover status.
  • Snapshot of findings from all VikingCloud sources by severity, category, and priority.
  • Click into tiles for your security risk score, top prioritized findings, findings over time, and top 5 finding types.
  • Double click any finding in the findings search grid to review findings details.
  • Easily record your own notes and details on findings with the findings detail form.
  • Scrutinize findings data with details, evidence, and raw information.
  • Single view into all assets automatically inventoried based on scans, firewall traffic, and other VikingCloud services.


  • Securely share files.
  • Send configurations, documentation, or other sensitive information in a secure manner.
  • Order and schedule your penetration tests.
  • Build your profile, set your schedule, and perform vulnerability scanning.
  • Remediate, rescan, and manage your ongoing scanning activities to attest to scans or perform disputes.
  • Export findings as you go and download final reports.
  • Chat with your assessor.
  • Collect and organize evidence and other important documentation in a single repository.
  • Assign and monitor task completion by different team members.
  • Review assessment progress, export findings, and download the final report.


  • Deliver a customizable security program experience with white label or VikingCloud branded options.
  • Enable Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) completion.
  • Facilitate security testing and vulnerability scanning.
  • Drive security program engagement to encourage PCI DSS compliance validation and use of available security tools.
  • Improve merchant PCI DSS compliance rates.
  • Quickly identify a merchant’s URL, perform scans, and set up monitoring.
  • Find and reduce fraud.
  • Detect malware and malicious web content.
RicK Hutchinson
Chief Technology Officer, VikingCloud

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"VikingCloud innovation is focused on reimagining and transforming how businesses make predictive, informed, and cost-effective risk mitigation decisions - faster."

- Rick Hutchinson

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