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Techstrong: Cybersecurity’s GenAI Hype Cycle – and How to Break Out

Techstrong – December 19, 2023

The Techstrong article by VikingCloud Chief Technology Officer, Rick Hutchinson, is focused on the potential “catastrophic” cyber-attacks driven by generative AI (GenAI) – not because of the challenges inherent in the new technology, but rather because the GenAI “hype cycle” risks distracting organizations from focusing on establishing and maintaining “essential, foundational cybersecurity strategies.”  

Hutchinson explains that the simple adoption of GenAI solutions does not ensure security for any organization.  In fact, he explains that “the rush toward GenAI can complicate the work of security teams, distracting them from what matters – the fundamentals. AI solutions that address the basics of cybersecurity should be every organization’s top priority.”  

The article goes on to explain that the risk of avoidance is real: “With a lack of focus and investment in cybersecurity fundamentals like patching, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, endpoint protection and more, businesses could be blinded by the GenAI hype and fall victim to the most basic risks. As we enter the age of advanced tech, it’s critical that companies leverage AI to master the basics before sweating over GenAI use cases.”

For more insight from VikingCloud’s CTO on how IT and security leaders can avoid the GenAI hype cycle and improve their cyber posture into 2024 and beyond, read the full article at



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